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Collective Bargaining Committee

Chair: Evelyn Ireland
Members: Kaarin Kruus (SLP), Daniela Merenda (SW), Gillian MacPherson (SW), Jan Heramchuk (Psych), Connie Zieren (Psych), and Vacant (SLP)

Role of Chief Negotiator

Chairing Collective Bargaining Committee (CBC) meetings in preparation of negotiations
Preparation of Local negotiation briefs
Creating and reviewing results of surveys to understand members’ perspective of priorities for negotiations
Discussing new objectives and issues that have developed and need to be addressed at CBC meetings
Responsible for Local bargaining with the support of the Provincial Negotiator
Maintaining our contract in between negotiations, which may include midterm amendments
Supportive role to the President and Vice-Presidents during grievances
Attend Liaison Committee Meetings with the Superintendent of Special Education and the Chiefs of our three PSSP disciplines three times each year
Attend Regional and Provincial CBC Conferences three to four times per year
Attend provincially called Special Meetings of Presidents and Chief Negotiators regarding central negotiations

Communications Representative

Assist in the publishing of The Appeel. Duties include providing a source of material for The Appeel, such as contributing news items (staff moves, weddings, births, retirements, etc), either soliciting and submitting feature articles on decided topics or writing these articles personally, soliciting and submitting advertising from Branch members or commercial advertisers, providing photographs or artwork to illustrate the newsletter, and participating in planning sessions for issues
Attend five District 19 Communications meetings with representative from each secondary school and to provide feedback during those meetings of issues raised, possible topics for discussion either to the OSSTF Communications Committee or in the Branches and new initiatives for The Appeel or for referral to OSSTF
Support the maintenance of the OSSTF District 19 PSSP website and social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter)
Assist with the surveying of PSSP members about communication needs

Educational Services

Chair: by Debbie Ben
Members: Melinda Hufana, STPDL Rep (SLP) and Merryl Nash, STPDL Rep (Psych)
Educational Services Rep

Chair the STPDL Committee which consists of a representative from each discipline and President of the Bargaining Unit. This Committee is responsible for funding approval for each disciplines members PD requests responsible for the allocation of union funds available to each member through our Union.
Sit on the Bargaining Unit Executive as a voting member
Inform members of changes to STPDL board process
Attends provincial OSSTF Educational Services conferences
Sits on the District Educational Services Committee
Attend meetings requested by the Board pertaining to use of STPDL

Health and Safety Committee

The Health and Safety Committee for OSSTF District 19 meets five to six times per year.
It is an opportunity for Teaching and Support Staff to discuss health and safety concerns that pertain to their location (school or field office) and also have bearing on others. There is an attempt to problem solve, discuss solutions, be proactive and consider next steps. This information is taken back to our members to promote best practices.
The Health and Safety reps of each union also meet several times during the school year to discuss common issues, and then they meet with representatives from the board’s multi-joint Health and Safety Committee to work to resolve these issues.

Human Rights Committee

Attend monthly meetings to discuss opportunities to bring human rights issues to the forefront for members and students
Help to advise on yearly priorities for the Committee
Engage PSSP members to participate in relevant events (i.e. Violence Against Women campaign, Toiletry Drive for Interim Place, Walk So Kids Can Talk, etc.)
Review nominations for Human Rights Award
Co-Ordinating the Toiletry Drive is the largest event for our department

Pension & Benefits Representative

Support members by responding to questions about Employee Life and Health Trust and OMERS pension.
Work closely with OTIP and OMERS reps to schedule information sessions and provide members with valuable information.
Liaise with OSSTF Benefits to provide feedback about member concerns.

Political Action Committee

Engage PSSP into becoming more active in their Union, and to become informed on the current political issues and how they impact our respective discipline practices.
Call for participation in political action events in our community that respect the values of OSSTF District 19.
The OSSTF District 19 Political Action Committee meets every other month generally focusing on activities and events where OSSTF D19 representation would be warranted.
There is also an invigorating yearly political action conference that is held with the political action representatives of the regional OSSTF districts. Every other year this conference includes provincial political action members, also.