Our History

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The Professional Student Services Personnel Bargaining Unit of OSSTF District 19 was formed in 1991 when Peel Speech-Language Pathologists, Social Workers, and Psychoeducational Consultants voted in favour of joining OSSTF. The common goal of our newly-formed Bargaining Unit was to establish equitable working conditions in terms of benefits, salary, hiring practices, and job security for all three disciplines.

With this goal in mind, our Bargaining Unit Executive was created to represent all three disciplines with the President and two Vice-President roles, Collective Bargaining Committee Chair, and Educational Services Chair.

Prior to unionization, each group belonged to their respective professional association, which resulted in salary disparity and fragmented benefits. Further to this, worker disputes were left between individual employees and management, with no guarantees or job protections.

In the early 1990’s, the Board determined that they would no longer deal with the professional associations. This change brought together the respective disciplines to consider unionization, in addition to a proposed budget cut that would have seen a significant decrease to PSSP staffing levels.

Through the dedication and hard work of many members over the years, our PSSP Bargaining Unit has been successful in achieving countless goals. Members of our three disciplines are now treated equitably with a Collective Agreement that applies to all three disciplines. We work with our Chiefs, Superintendents, and Human Resources department to ensure positive working conditions for all our members.

Consider becoming involved in your Union to continue to maintain the gains that have been fought for over the years, and advocate for the need for continued increases to PSSP services to meet student needs.